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August 31, 2009

the new vogue italia cover, featuring sasha pivovarova and ash stymest, shot by steven meisel, is unbelievable. sometimes i wish anna wintour would take off her sunglasses, take a cue from her european contemporaries, and give us something more conceptual. i love charlize theron…as an actress. what she’s doing on the fall cover of the september issue is still quite beyond me.

i love all the bold colors in this photo: sasha’s eyemake is unbelievable, and the lettering of the vogue logo compliments the photo perfectly. sasha’s scarf, the jewels on her fingerless glove, the orange border of ash’s helmet…it’s all so brilliantly and meticulously styled. i can’t wait to see the actual editorial.

additional covers were shot, also (a trend, i’m seeing…)

anna jagodazinska

i love the all the character in this photo, a bit cheeky and wry. and anna’s brocaded velvet gown is magnificent.

jamie bochert

just lovely. thanks, vogue italia.



make it a diamond, baby

August 31, 2009

when it comes to my own personal taste, i don’t really love typically “pretty” things. baubles and gems i love for days on end, but when it comes to stereotypical femininity, i’ve just never really embraced it for myself. these thoughts have often led me to wonder what i might want my wedding ring to look like. i would rather die than have some diamond-encrusted band with a big old princess cut diamond in the center. i do want my ring to look like a wedding ring, but without resembling that of which is characteristic of the typical wedding ring (look at me discussing this ad nauseum, as if i’m currently facing endless marriage prospects). so when i saw this wedding ring (the blogger’s mother, in fact) on bleach black, i just fell in love…it is so completely something i’d love and cherish forever, and i think it’s so different and interesting and unique and special. what better way to commemorate personal style and a committment to something that’s meant to last forever? love it love it love it.

but honestly. who am i kidding? i’ll take any massive rock set in the largest, most oppressively gold foundation in existence. more is more, and a girl’s always gotta dream.

Marc by Marc and Chairlift for Saks: Fall ’09 goes back to Brooklyn

August 30, 2009

Saks released their new Chairlift music videos today featuring the band frolicking about Brooklyn in Marc by Marc Jacobs.

This clever move by Saks is sure to create some buzz as they style the whimsical graphic tee’s, colorful stripes, slouchy boots, and A-mazing bags on the very hip and still, sort of, underground band of hipsters. The 4 videos feature different looks on all 3 band mates and a running ticker at the bottom divulges what each is wearing.

Only slightly cheesy, I’m sure this video will have the teen set dying for the twee, Peter Bjorn and John meets Karen O sounds of Chairlift that go perfect with Marc Jacob’s more whimsical and young diffusion line. In the days of experiential marketing, Saks is showing some market savvy.

Personally, I’m dying for the Petal to the Metal Sasha Shoulder bag. The black leather with exposed zippers and heavy hardware is still grungey enough for fall, but is sweetened by the swallow clasps that are reminiscent of rock-a-billy tattoos. Again, dying for it.

Check all 4 videos out at

wedge me

August 30, 2009

oh, the wooden wedge…i just can’t even get enough of these finsk wooden dreams. the incredible texture and color combinations, and the ingenuity in the construction of each heel…these shoes are showstoppers. check out more finsk perfection at oak.

vainandvapid — new site shown to me by old friends…the images are great, the fashion fabulous.


August 28, 2009

the video for the new ysl fragrance “parisienne” has been released. starring kate moss, it’s all sorts of wonderful. what better duo could ever exist?

exciting news! i’ve just recently found out that i’ll be the new ‘Pret Reporteur’ for the fabulous fashion magazine and blog Second City Style. not only that, but i’ll be blogging for them as well! i’m thrilled about this opportunity, and will definitely be keeping you all updated on what i’m writing about.

off to make a weeks-long overdue target run…bisous, amores!

letterman and the bob

August 26, 2009

after the break…

she is so freaking smart, so freaking funny, and so goddamn perfect it just kills me. i could watch her all day everyday.

>> Anna Wintour walked out to David Letterman’s couch last night, Madonna’s “Vogue” playing in the background, wearing Carolina Herrera and her trademark sunglasses — she subsequently took them off to give Dave a hard time about his socks, referring him to Thom Browne, since the designer’s elevated pant hemlines show off a man’s socks.

She definitely brought her witty side out last night — when Letterman asked if it was a fair assessment to say she’s bigger than what she does for a living, she referred to Maureen Dowd’s recent column: “I read in the New York Times this week that I’m an ice queen, I’m the Sun King, I’m an alien fleeing from District 9 and I’m a dominatrix. So I reckon that makes me a lukewarm royalty with a whip from outer space. What do you think?”

Later, Letterman compared fashion models on the runway to “beautiful women who look like the Neptunians have released them. But nobody buys that stuff, do they? Is somebody walking around like they’re from Neptune?” Wintour laughed: “Lots of people. I’m an alien, remember?”

She suppressed giggles after the clip from The September Issue in which she berates Vogue style director Elissa Santisi was played, and chastises Letterman for calling her last-minute to appear on the show. When he asked if The Devil Wears Prada was made about her, she was coy: “Well, I seem to remember that actually the movie was a work of fiction and we really like fiction at Vogue.” When prompted about what percentage of decisions she makes at the magazine, she replies: “100 percent.” And when Letterman notes that The September Issue leaves Vogue seeming as if it’s run by people his age, she quips: “Vogue is not only run by senior citizens.”

retail therapy

August 26, 2009

one time, two best friends went downtown to do some shopping. those two best friends were then relegated to diet coke for lunch as a result of the amount of money they spent at their first stop.

but when a chanel-inspired chain-link bag (and four dresses) call your name…they don’t just call, they scream. beg. NEED.

soooo…we answered their cries. thanks, urban.


August 25, 2009

polaroids capture everything so romantically, with this sensational vintage quality that i could never get enough of. i’d love to have a polaroid retrospective of my life.

honeymoon chateau

August 25, 2009

to have a day where you never need to leave your bed requires a room that inspires such.

mmm, i could roll around in that bed forever.

always be flamin’

August 25, 2009

as i’ve told ya’ll before, i do a city chic column for uic’s paper the chicago flame. it’s an awesome paper, based out of the west loop, surrounded by culture, and run by some really fabulous, passionate individuals.

i’ve a new article up, and i’d love for you to check it out and do a bit of commenting!

Student Style 101: Making the grade with your wardrobe without breaking the bank

Amanda Aldinger

Issue date: 8/24/09 Section: City Chic

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Be the first in line to score this Rodarte for Target dress, coming December 20.

Media Credit:
Be the first in line to score this Rodarte for Target dress, coming December 20.

Let’s be honest. I’d like to say that the impact of my mother curling my bangs and dressing me up in her favorite dresses on the first day of school has left me as I approach age 24, but, alas, it has not. As I near my first week of grad school, I would be lying if I said that I haven’t been thinking about or planning my 17th “first day of school” outfit. And for all of you who are willing (or unwilling) to admit the same, we can all concede that although the importance of the first day look still exists, as we get older, the effort behind it shifts from one of impression to expression.

Fashion and style need not be limited by cost, but as the seasons change, and the excitement of summerwear fades, the financial burden of books and other back-to-school costs build, and the task of updating your wardrobe for the new school year seems daunting, to say the least. If not fiscally impossible. But don’t worry loves, that’s where I come in. Add these tips to your back-to-school checklist and you’ll be the chicest student in class (with a pretty penny leftover for the weekends!).

Thrift stores: Chicago is a shopaholic’s dream, and I’m not talking about Michigan Avenue either. In our city of hidden gems, be it Unique Thrift, the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or the endless discounted goldmines scattered amongst the J.Crews and H&Ms of the shopping world, thrifting is the stuff dreams are made of. I have a weekly date with my local Unique Thrift on half-price Mondays, where I’ve scored an excess of gold jewelry, a Gucci-inspired 70s top, black men’s vest, and oh-so-retro black and white tailored dress for a grand total of $7.00. Mix and matching your own look for the price of a Chipotle burrito? Honest to god, it makes you never want to shop retail again.

Diffusion lines: There are some serious benefits to recession chic…and the front-runners of this budget-friendly style movement are diffusion lines. Diffusion lines are designed by high fashion designers for the masses, and are carried by favorites like Target, Urban Outfitters, and H&M. Whether it’s Alexander McQueen for Target, Anna Sui for Anthropologie, Steven Alan for Urban, or Comme des Garçonne for H&M, these lines are our opportunity to acquire high fashion concepts with low end price tags, and they look just as fabulous as their runway counterparts.

The Sale Rack: I know…”tell me something I don’t know.” But I’m serious here, folks. I live and breathe high fashion and 90% of my wardrobe consists of leftovers from that weird rack at Forever21 hidden deep in the back of the store. That creepy fur vest for $15 dollars? Buy it. Love that dress, but hate the attached belt? Get it anyway. These are the pieces that you get for nothing, cut and craft to make your own, and then accessorize with your basics to create a look that no one can replicate. Fashion is passion, baby. I have proudly displayed so many of my new purchases to friends, only to be greeted with a chorus of “what were you thinking?” But once I’ve made it my own and paired it with some of my personal signatures, the critiques die and the compliments roll in, leaving them to wish they’d given that awkward leopard print a chance, too.

Final Grade: Fashion does not have to be expensive. You can have exquisite personal style on whatever budget you choose, it just requires a commitment to retail exploration, and to making your purchases your own. It’s a new school year, and style is class…there’s no reason you shouldn’t have an A+.