beach flair

i am a vampire. aside from the black hair and pale skin, i prefer the night and i love fall and the cold more than i love most anything in the whole entire world. i’m quite sure that i’m the only person in the city of chicago who is thrilled with the inauguration of fall via a twenty degree drop in temperature. i love the feeling of being slightly chilly, all bundled up, and layered layered layered with as much as you care to put on. i found this editorial on discoteque confusion from flair magazine, and i love stevie’s commentary on the brilliance of autumnal clothing and layering in a beachy setting.

stylist sally lyndley’s jewelry styling is unbelievable, and i could happily live in each and every boot found throughout this spread. good styling for fall is an art…moreso than any other season, i believe. with the amount of pieces a stylist has to choose from in the colder months, it’s always amazing to see glam mixed with grunge mixed with elegance, etc etc etc and to see the creation of a completely original look as the result. it’s amazing…i think every shot is brilliant and creative and artistic and all things that make fashion a dream.


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