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so much style, cannot handle

September 29, 2009

images of these impeccably styled beauties taken most lovingly from le fashion


inspiration pleeeaaase

July 22, 2009

loves! what a terrible shit i’ve been. a dear friend of mine came in to visit me this past weekend, and amidst all the drinking and camaraderie, it’s taken me quite a few days to get back into the groove of things. i hate neglecting blogging…oftentimes this “new post” template is the sanest part of my day. my head is awash with so many things…starting school in a month and a half (books…classes…a upass…what?), my parents are getting married in 3 weeks (to each other…it’s a crazy life, folks), and one of my roommates and i are taking a vacay to colorado on tuesday to visit one of my very besties in the whole world, jack, who’s been living there all summer doing theatre, like the badass actor he is. we’re staying in a complex of cabins named after outdoorsy animals…ours is the “trout” cabin. please check it out…it’s going to be so fabulous, as we cook and drink and look out for moose and see good theatre for a week. i’m pretty sure this will be miranda, jack and i every night:

caaaaaaan’t wait!

also, as my lovely blogger friends, i’d like to take advantage of the fact that you’re all cultured creatives. my lovely, bright, shining mother, has not requested, but informed me that i will be singing a solo at the wedding. thanks to kate, i do have a couple ideas in mind, but do any of you have any favorite wedding songs that aren’t terribly cheesy or “new couple-y?” i’d love all of your suggestions!

i also need some good street style. blazers in the summer…i’ve not utilized mine enough, and i’m loving what these ladies have done.

blazin with the roo

March 24, 2009

I’ve been searching for a fabulous slouchy blazer that will easily transition between all four seasons, and that has some good length to it. I have a shorter tux jacket that I like, but, as I said before, I love things that are oversized.

I’ve found one! I just bought this Burberry blazer from The Roo Vintage, and I’m pretty excited for it to arrive.

Isn’t it lovely? I like that it has a straight lapel, one button, and that it’s navy, because I love navy and black together. I’m pretty stoked…and it went for only $30 bucks! It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Lisa and Michelle are sisters who started The Roo Vintage, and their thrifted finds are ridiculous. Michelle’s a professional model and Lisa’s a fierce stylist…together they’re an amazing team. Great fashion, great prices…a magical place for new treasures.

It’s my summer goal to shop more vintage. On recent shopping trips, I’ve been hitting walls and not a lot seems to interest me. I feel like everything looks the same and I’m bored with a lot of what’s out there right now. Summer is not my favorite season to dress for, as people who know me will tell you. I prefer big coats, lots of layering, and opaque tights. I hate sweating. So I figure recreating my style and sticking to more non-commercialized shopping will be a good challenge and a way to combat my disdain for summer attire.

Comment and send me your favorite online boutiques! I’m always always always looking for people and places that are offering something different.