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make it a diamond, baby

August 31, 2009

when it comes to my own personal taste, i don’t really love typically “pretty” things. baubles and gems i love for days on end, but when it comes to stereotypical femininity, i’ve just never really embraced it for myself. these thoughts have often led me to wonder what i might want my wedding ring to look like. i would rather die than have some diamond-encrusted band with a big old princess cut diamond in the center. i do want my ring to look like a wedding ring, but without resembling that of which is characteristic of the typical wedding ring (look at me discussing this ad nauseum, as if i’m currently facing endless marriage prospects). so when i saw this wedding ring (the blogger’s mother, in fact) on bleach black, i just fell in love…it is so completely something i’d love and cherish forever, and i think it’s so different and interesting and unique and special. what better way to commemorate personal style and a committment to something that’s meant to last forever? love it love it love it.

but honestly. who am i kidding? i’ll take any massive rock set in the largest, most oppressively gold foundation in existence. more is more, and a girl’s always gotta dream.


stomping into a new month

June 1, 2009

i’ve been posting a lot of editorials and street style lately, so i thought it was time to do a good shoe post. as a chicagoan, the shoes i wear are highly dependent on our incredibly schizophrenic meteorology. our winters are epic, and can be highly damaging to important footwear, which means that important footwear must stay closeted during the incessantly treacherous weather.

but, now it’s summer. the closets have opened. and the good shoes will reign.

bleach black diy studded heels

bleach black diy studded havianas

punky b

nova style



louboutin for rodarte

nicholas kirkwood for rodarte

yes, an editorial photo…but how perfect are these boots? i would live in them winter, spring, summer, fall. i’m particularly taken with their slouchy nature, and, of course, the studs. i love a really wide, slouchy, just-under-the-knee boot. they’re so comfy, yet so sexy, and they always slim up the legs. not a bad thing. not a bad thing at all.

wildfox couture


April 25, 2009

this photo is INSANE, and i LOVE it.

i love structure and the black and the beads and the sharp edges of the hair and the eye make up and her hands…i am wildly in love with the entire, perfect thing.

this photo was featured in the hong kong fash mag Izzue. sooooooooooo good. i found it on bleach black, which has some really amazing, super edgy photos.