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500 days of summer

July 19, 2009

although fashion is the unequaled passion of my life, i have a deep, unadulterated love for film. whilst many visit a therapist once a week, i am at the movies, generally solo, always with a large popcorn. i love to experience the myriad worlds that the cinema holds, and, no matter what i see, i always experience a catharsis.

yesterday afternoon (as it’s now 2:50am! i don’t sleep…) i saw 500 days of summer and was absolutely blown away. the story, the editing, the characters — they all meld into a cinematic collaboration that’s simply magnificent, and so realistic that the film is equal parts wonderful and heartbreaking. if you’ve ever loved another human being, you’ll understand without fail.

but, of course, being the blogger and fashion lover that i am, the film’s insane costuming kept me as enraptured as its content. as free and as enlivened as it is, i can’t help but share it. zoey deschanel is a dream, and joseph gordon-leavitt is the dude every lady dreams of.