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coca rocha/korean vogue

September 29, 2009

this “legend of fall” editorial in korean vogue is incredible. i find the asian aesthetic (in its variance in culture and region) very alluring. there’s a darkness, an edge to the look as a whole, but it’s illuminated by immense bursts of color: brightly hued flowers, a striking red lip, and a lightness to the face. so detailed, and always focused on movement, balance (or imbalance), and the total ambience of the photo. coco rocha looks stunning in these photos, and, although i’ve not been a huge fan of her darker locks, her hair is styled brilliantly.

images from: design scene


the boys

September 18, 2009

i have many fantasy worlds. some of them are slightly less involved than others. like wishing that my post-work trip to bloomingdale’s wasn’t just to pick up tights for kate and i, but to meet my personal stylist, who was going to outfit me in millions of dollars worth of clothes without me having to try any of them on and all the while, i’m lounging (fabulously) on a chaise lounge, drinking from a bottomless flute of pink champagne.

and then there’s the fantasy in which lazaro hernandez and jack mccollough call me up, tell me they’ve designed a special collection just for me, and, oh yeah, they’d like to propose a three-way marriage, because they’re both so in love with me that all they can fathom is spending the rest of their days doting on me and dressing me in their pretties.

i’m pretty sure that champagne-laden bloomies trip will stay in my fantasy world. but, as i look through proenza schouler ss10, i can dream it was all designed for me…

all those colors! the feathers, the SHOES…the completely successful 80s throwback — one that weaves together equal parts chic and punk to create a look with so much freaking personality, i just love it. the collection includes fabulously tailored takes on the white shirt and the blazer for business, sequins for going out (ooohhhh, how i’d love to get my hand on that blue sequin dream), brightly colored, short-skirted day wear, and, overall, an amazing breadth of unique shapes. they’re so playful, and so smart…they work together magnificently.

plus, dear god, look at those cute mother fuckers…they’re perfection. thanks for the mid-day eye candy, my sweets.

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September 12, 2009

“the idea is something that’s both scary and pretty,” says ms. rowley. i just love that. especially since i love all things scary and not many things that are strictly pretty. i really like cynthia’s collection for spring…flouncy, with personality and an edge, and lots of really palpable texture (from the photographs…obviously, texture is palpable).

i just adore the structure of these two dresses…they have shape and a concept, without being unwearable. i love when my clothes flit along as i walk.

i really love the mix of patterns in this outfit…it’s very audrey hepburn gone…differently. and although the chosen hairstyle doesn’t look great on every model, she pulls it off beautifully. i like the idea of a very prim hairstyle styled alongside a more obscure wardrobe. is she naughty, or nice? always a good question to pose.

all in all, adore all the colors…perhaps because they’re all colors i would wear, but they really embrace the concept of spring while still calling to mind the darkness that is an obvious influence.