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dreaming of lanvin

October 4, 2009

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It’s the Box Social Dahling: Boy by Band of Outsiders S/S ’10

September 14, 2009

I think it was my friend Tripp that first labeled my personal style Hampton chic, often clad in a pinstriped oxford, brown Sperry Topsiders, and 3/4 length blazer, I like to think I walk on the edgier side of preppy. Boy by Band of Outsiders Spring 2010 line is perfectly Hampton chic. I would wear almost every piece in this collection, from the blousey seer sucker tops to the double breasted jackets and cropped pants (they even have the season’s token jumpsuit in there).

So far, in terms of wearability and sheer chic-ness, Boy by Band of Outsiders is by and far one of my favorite lines for Spring 2010.
This Thai fisherman/harem pant is beachy and sexy paired with an off the shoulder tee.
LOVE the bandage skirt with this seer sucker blouse.

Single button tux with a casual loafer and cap, sure, Chuck Bass.

Gots to have my jumpsuit. Also, I’m digging Sternberg’s take on the gladiator sandal.

This guys looks fabulous in a sunset inspired shirt and black jacket. It is half hippy half hipster.

My uniform for life.

Again, the hippy meets prepster cool aesthetic I dig so much about this line. I want this dress for a beach cover up.

The suspendered, cuffed, cropped pants and jacket have an A-mazing boyfriend fit. A slouchy look I’m always trying to acheive.

Too good for words!

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Preen S/S ’10

September 12, 2009

For the past few seasons Preen has been a consistent favorite of mine. There is something about this British design duo’s constant push to do something different, the properly fresh clothes they put down the catwalk that make me swoon. Preen’s S/S 2010 collection was a breath of fresh air for me on day 2 of NY Fashion Week. Unlike many other designers “black” heavy collections, they started their show with light as air grey and neon yellow dresses, to be followed with metallic silver pants and fiercely shouldered blouses and suits (yes, shoulder pads are back, we may as well just embrace it). Moving through a black to then a gold, and finally pink color scheme, lace, cords, and more metallics were used to tie this stunningly forward collection together.

And did I mention the stunning addition of shoes to Preen’s oeuvre? I’m dying for the mustard colored corded ankle strap heels.

I love the straps on this edgy LBD.

I would like to wear this ensemble to work everyday, chic with a capital “C.”

Black lace abounded per the boudoir trend of Fall ’09 carrying into Spring.

JUMPSUIT! Love this pretty pink with the bow detail at the ankle.

I could’ve posted the entire show, as I died for it. Check it at


Vena Cava SS ’10

September 11, 2009

Spring Fashion week is here my lovely mavens, and CFDA darlings, Sophi Busai and Lisa Mayock of Vena Cava sent down nothing but sheer wearability. Quite literally we saw sheer chiffon dresses and cover-ups that looked as if they were meant to be donned at a 1920’s beach party alternating with punky, everyday dresses and separates. Always gleaning inspiration from Eygptian or Tribal culture, this Spring we see Vena Cava heading in a less literal interpretive direction with their South African Mural muse, using pattern subtley, with a mostly black and orange pallet.

Some of my personal Faves:
I’m nuts about jumpsuits! When you’ve got long legs (comme moi) a onesy and some heels make those gams look like they go on for days, I love the well draped harem pant bottom and the Balmain-esque shoulder on this goody!

This cute body-con take on the LBD is fantastic. Known for their necklines, Vena Cava has amped up this goody with a cute lazer cut sleeve.

Though I’ve never been a huge fan of showing my mid-drift, I am a huge fan of high waisted shorts, these are perfectly Hampton Chic and the entire ensemble brings Biarritz in the era of the Seeberger bro’s to mind. I would rock this look head to toe, no doubt.

Finally, acid wash at its best, this A-dorable mini-dress gives enviable proportions of punk and boudoir with its exposed zipper and sweetheart neckline married to the iconic denim trend. It seems the ladies of Vena Cava have hit a groove this Spring, putting an edge on girly classics!

fashion week

September 11, 2009

IT’S FASHION WEEK!!!!!!!! only one of my most favorite weeks in the entire year, and i can’t wait to just live at my computer, a slave to as the shows pour in. erin and i are going to do some fash coverage so hopefully things will be updated pretty regularly (although grad school + 2 jobs + 2 freelance writing gigs + training for a half-marathon is making this lady a bit crazy)…so far, not loving a ton from today, although vena cava is fabulous, as always. erin’s going to blog that up lata, but i just wanted to post one photo in honor of the gloriousness that is faaaaaaaaaaaaashion weeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

also! the september issue is out on wide release now…so for all you non-new yorkers, go out and see the bob tell it like it is.

ysl manifesto

September 8, 2009

first of all, i’d like to thank my lovely roommate erin, who has done the previous two posts as a guest blogger. because she’s not outing herself…i’ve gone and done it for her. she’s brilliant, and i’m so thrilled that you’ve enjoyed her brilliantly inspired musings!

as you all know, i’m insanely, over-the-moon-obsessed with ysl. twice yearly ysl releases 500,000 copies of their manifesto, and this year they’ve added seoul to the list of fabulous cities they visit pre-fashion weeks every year: paris, new york, hong kong, tokyo and milan (oh whyyyyyy isn’t chicago on that list? i mean, i know. but a girl can still dream). the first 2,000 passersby receive a tote with christy turlington’s campaign photo on it (ahhhhhhhhhhhh, i diiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee! whhhyyyyyyy can’t stefano pilati know how much i love him and his predecessor and everything about the fashion house itself and just SEND me a tote?!).

thank god for technology, though. because they’ve finally launched the manifesto online, and the entire collection will be available for download on the day of the launch (september 12th!).

please go to the website and look at their insane countdown…plus archives, and free screensavers and wallpaper (all of which has now been applied to my computer, worry not).

it’s interesting that this cropped up this evening, because as erin and i were driving home, we got into a huge discussion about our favorite designers…both of all time, and of the moment. it was a lovely that conversation that lasted for the duration of our drive, and led to us making no productive conclusions, other than my love for ysl (which i’ll have to defend forever, as inked left wrists cannot tell a lie), and that we’re obsessed with pretty much everything in one way or another.

and yours, my love? which designer would you continue to thrust upon your blog’s perfect and wonderful readership over and over, endlessly and forever?

muchos besos, amors! sorry for the lack of posts — i full-time start grad school (and a new job!) this week and am trying to get back into the flow of being a student again. i’m beyond thrilled, but i really need to buckle down, clean off my desk, stop writing from the couch with glass of wine in hand (although erin constantly and lovingly reminds me that red wine was ernest hemingway’s writing tool of choice) and start busting my ass. it will be!