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Preen S/S ’10

September 12, 2009

For the past few seasons Preen has been a consistent favorite of mine. There is something about this British design duo’s constant push to do something different, the properly fresh clothes they put down the catwalk that make me swoon. Preen’s S/S 2010 collection was a breath of fresh air for me on day 2 of NY Fashion Week. Unlike many other designers “black” heavy collections, they started their show with light as air grey and neon yellow dresses, to be followed with metallic silver pants and fiercely shouldered blouses and suits (yes, shoulder pads are back, we may as well just embrace it). Moving through a black to then a gold, and finally pink color scheme, lace, cords, and more metallics were used to tie this stunningly forward collection together.

And did I mention the stunning addition of shoes to Preen’s oeuvre? I’m dying for the mustard colored corded ankle strap heels.

I love the straps on this edgy LBD.

I would like to wear this ensemble to work everyday, chic with a capital “C.”

Black lace abounded per the boudoir trend of Fall ’09 carrying into Spring.

JUMPSUIT! Love this pretty pink with the bow detail at the ankle.

I could’ve posted the entire show, as I died for it. Check it at



Vena Cava SS ’10

September 11, 2009

Spring Fashion week is here my lovely mavens, and CFDA darlings, Sophi Busai and Lisa Mayock of Vena Cava sent down nothing but sheer wearability. Quite literally we saw sheer chiffon dresses and cover-ups that looked as if they were meant to be donned at a 1920’s beach party alternating with punky, everyday dresses and separates. Always gleaning inspiration from Eygptian or Tribal culture, this Spring we see Vena Cava heading in a less literal interpretive direction with their South African Mural muse, using pattern subtley, with a mostly black and orange pallet.

Some of my personal Faves:
I’m nuts about jumpsuits! When you’ve got long legs (comme moi) a onesy and some heels make those gams look like they go on for days, I love the well draped harem pant bottom and the Balmain-esque shoulder on this goody!

This cute body-con take on the LBD is fantastic. Known for their necklines, Vena Cava has amped up this goody with a cute lazer cut sleeve.

Though I’ve never been a huge fan of showing my mid-drift, I am a huge fan of high waisted shorts, these are perfectly Hampton Chic and the entire ensemble brings Biarritz in the era of the Seeberger bro’s to mind. I would rock this look head to toe, no doubt.

Finally, acid wash at its best, this A-dorable mini-dress gives enviable proportions of punk and boudoir with its exposed zipper and sweetheart neckline married to the iconic denim trend. It seems the ladies of Vena Cava have hit a groove this Spring, putting an edge on girly classics!

coffee, sunshine and punky b

June 20, 2009

it’s 8:48 and i’ve been up for nearly two hours…only 23 and my body responds to sleep and waking like an 85 year old. oh, well…i’m not much for sleep any how. and it is lovely to sit in my bed with a cup of coffee and to look outside at the beautiful sunshine-y day (a much different experience than the torrential monsoon that was yesterday’s meteorlogic fate). this led me to check the weather, which led to the knowledge that it’s going to be 85 degrees today, which led to the ultimate realization that summer is here in chicago. so, no more pretending it’s “summer,” while still swathing myself in the comfort of fall attire. after this i thought about my jumpsuits, and then i went to punky b, and then this whole stream of unconscious thought finally narrowed itself into a focal point as i saw the delights she had waiting for me.

it’s quite possible that a lovelier individual has never been born. everything about her is so utterly delightfuly, so fun. fun styling, fun photography, fun attitude, fun posing. and nothing she wears is terribly extreme, but it’s all styled with such an impeccable, unique touch. like that huge leopard envelope clutch in the second photograph, or the simple camel belt tied around the jumpsuit (that belted jumpsuit is what started me down this whole slippery slope in the first place).

i think i’ll wear a jumpsuit today, belted with a bright green scarf.

lovely how looking outside can bring you (not so directly) to a fun new outfit.