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October 5, 2009

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bloomies and the zoester

September 18, 2009

balk all you want, but i live for the zoe report. not only do i just love her personal style, causing me to love most things she features, but each of her reports have this amazing “alternate universe” section, where she’s features a cheaper like-minded version of whatever high fashion gloriousness she’s exalting. and what i really love, is that the alternate items she features are actually affordable. i’ve been thinking about how i need to go buy another crop of tights, as i live in tights from fall to spring, and kate and i have been on a voracious search for two-toned chanel knocks for quite a while. and, i mean, when you’re knocking chanel, not just any old thing will do. so, rachel zoe, reading my mind as always, sends out a zoe report today about these sensational gaultier two-toned fishnets…for $135. and then, because she’s a blessed, blessed being, she conjured her alternate universe from my immediate universe and featured a pair of these babies:

TWO-TONED TRINA TURK FOR HUE TIGHTS. i mean, you just get right on out of here. yes yes yes, the front panel is not the fleshy opaque of the chanel version, but it’s also not the glaring white of all the terrible knock-offs. i immediately texted kate, she immediately implored that i pick her up some too, and there you go. i’m so happy.

muses, photographed

August 23, 2009

le fashion

teen dream

July 13, 2009

after my little emma watson-gasm the other day, my dear friend chris alerted me to this stunning editorial shot by the kaiser (who needs a tribute on here one of these days). at only 19 years old, i am so impressed by how well she has projected her success from harry potter into so many other venues. once you’ve played a character for a significant period of time, it’s incredibly difficult to release yourself from being pigeonholed into that type or persona, and she has evaded this resoundingly.

the least of which being showcased in this editorial for the french fashion magazine, crash.

unbelievable. she looks like a dream.

chanel, my belle

July 8, 2009

what i really love about karl lagerfeld as a designer is that he creates these massive collections that evolve visually as they travel down the runway. for couture fall 2009, he starts with the foundation of the quintessential chanel tweed suit, accentuated by couture construction and accoutrement, and then he travels from day to evening, his pieces becoming more elaborate as the show goes on, with the addition of trains and beading and draping and gloves, each piece becoming increasingly ornate.

the idea i laid out yesterday of creating an outside story based on an entire collection is something i feel karl already does. there’s a distinct evolution to his collections, and he produces such vast amounts of clothing that there’s room for the story to develop strongly and intricately. there’s an incredible method to his madness.

i will say, though, i do not like the cut of the skirts comprising the first quarter of this collection. i feel like the length of the skirt in conjunction with the height of the booties make the model’s legs look stubby, by accentuating the largest part of the calf. yes, fine, they’re models and they’re inordinately thin regardless, but no matter what size you are, you still don’t want the largest part of anything on your body being framed solo. other than that, it’s all exquisite, of course.

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karl lagerfeld, you are a ridiculous genius

July 4, 2009

i want to own a book detailing everything karl lagerfeld has ever said. ever.

pomegranate and patchouli

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