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so much style, cannot handle

September 29, 2009

images of these impeccably styled beauties taken most lovingly from le fashion


it’s a fashionable day

August 21, 2009

i absolutely love this shoot — everyday fashion, sept elle 2009. reminds me of the harem pant outfit i donned to do laundry tonight. i hate saving outfits for “occasions.” what if you die before said occassion occurs? i think that every occasion is the occasion for the most fabulous outfit you own. i very rarely let anything stay on the hanger for less than an hour after i’ve purchased it.

project runway: i’ll post more when photos are available…but, i’m pretty sure they were all smoking out of the same crack pipe tonight. i LOVED uli’s collection, hated danny v’s collection (as well as his enhanced cockiness) and would have much rather the top four and bottom four been switched around — aside from chris march. i did like what he did, and was quite endeared by his genuine happiness with being a part of the top four. as far as the premiere went…i’m elated to have the show back, and can’t even imagine a season of project runway being boring, or sub-par…although i think we can all agree that seasons 2 and 3 will eternally give everyone a run for their money. don’t love the la factor, but i do love the commercials for lifetime movies, as lifetime movies are hilarious and awesome for saturday marathons when you’re completely hung over.

what did you love/hate about the all stars and/or the premiere?

it’s a big, beautiful world

June 5, 2009

today i’ve had one of those divine sorts of days where everything me has so delightful, so fulfilling and completely lovely. it included rollerblading, the beach, dining alfresco, pellegrino, music on a record player, lit candles, and a lovely evening to come.

as i was sitting outside, i started thinking about how pleasurable the world really can be, if you choose to make it that way. i’m the type of person who thrives in chaos and extreme busy-ness, so oftentimes down time freaks me out a bit. until i actually let myself enjoy it, and bask in the fact that it’s entirely fine to simply exist in your surroundings; giving in to small pleasures, while allowing yourself to do anything and everything that strikes your fancy. although i don’t often let myself (or have the time — while perhaps one in the same) have these types of days, when i do, they are so much more wonderful and fulfilling and pleasing than those days in which i’ve not a single moment to track my thoughts.

within this time of sunshine-induced profundity, i also thought about how wonderful it would be to pick up and go somewhere with your dearest friend to explore a place in which you’ve no frame of reference or immediate comforts. i would love to do this with kate…we’re both pleased, so simply, by the same sorts of things, and i think the world we could create for ourselves on a trip somewhere special would be utterly divine.

and then, i saw this photo:

le fashion

i just LOVE this. two friends, exotic location, unbelievable clothing, exploration. the colors, the background, the story that exists in this singular photo is wonderful…aside from the fact that those green bell bottoms and that studded vest are to DIE for. i have a deep love for bell bottoms…it’s the one part of my jr. high 70s phase (lava lamps, peace signs…the works) that’s never died.

this will be me at some point in the next ten years, and i will be wearing those bells.