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coffee, sunshine and punky b

June 20, 2009

it’s 8:48 and i’ve been up for nearly two hours…only 23 and my body responds to sleep and waking like an 85 year old. oh, well…i’m not much for sleep any how. and it is lovely to sit in my bed with a cup of coffee and to look outside at the beautiful sunshine-y day (a much different experience than the torrential monsoon that was yesterday’s meteorlogic fate). this led me to check the weather, which led to the knowledge that it’s going to be 85 degrees today, which led to the ultimate realization that summer is here in chicago. so, no more pretending it’s “summer,” while still swathing myself in the comfort of fall attire. after this i thought about my jumpsuits, and then i went to punky b, and then this whole stream of unconscious thought finally narrowed itself into a focal point as i saw the delights she had waiting for me.

it’s quite possible that a lovelier individual has never been born. everything about her is so utterly delightfuly, so fun. fun styling, fun photography, fun attitude, fun posing. and nothing she wears is terribly extreme, but it’s all styled with such an impeccable, unique touch. like that huge leopard envelope clutch in the second photograph, or the simple camel belt tied around the jumpsuit (that belted jumpsuit is what started me down this whole slippery slope in the first place).

i think i’ll wear a jumpsuit today, belted with a bright green scarf.

lovely how looking outside can bring you (not so directly) to a fun new outfit.


stomping into a new month

June 1, 2009

i’ve been posting a lot of editorials and street style lately, so i thought it was time to do a good shoe post. as a chicagoan, the shoes i wear are highly dependent on our incredibly schizophrenic meteorology. our winters are epic, and can be highly damaging to important footwear, which means that important footwear must stay closeted during the incessantly treacherous weather.

but, now it’s summer. the closets have opened. and the good shoes will reign.

bleach black diy studded heels

bleach black diy studded havianas

punky b

nova style



louboutin for rodarte

nicholas kirkwood for rodarte

yes, an editorial photo…but how perfect are these boots? i would live in them winter, spring, summer, fall. i’m particularly taken with their slouchy nature, and, of course, the studs. i love a really wide, slouchy, just-under-the-knee boot. they’re so comfy, yet so sexy, and they always slim up the legs. not a bad thing. not a bad thing at all.

wildfox couture

punky b: straight color biznass

May 31, 2009

2 things:

1. thank you to my friend erin for introducing me to punky b’s fashion diary. she’s garance dore’s bff, and it definitely shows. i love bff’s who both have remarkably successful and entirely unpretentious fashion blogs — linguistically and visually brilliant in every possible way.

2. i was out enjoying the summer’s eve with some lovely girlfriends of mine tonight — all of whom possess wonderful and articulate personal style. we were discussing the evolution of our wardrobe’s color palate as we’ve gotten older, each noting our signature color. amongst the gold, blue and pink beauties around me, i was, of course…black. of this i am entirely unapologetic…i love wearing black, and embrace it as part of the essence of my personal style. but, as erin astutely pointed out, i do not adapt the inherent urbanity of my wardrobe very effectively to the summer months. that being said…i do appreciate and love the integration of color and brightness into summer wardrobes, and love a good style icon who exhibits this effortlessly.

as i perused punky b tonight (this morning), i was struck by how seamlessly she infuses summer colors and styles into her everyday wardrobe. her outfits are impeccably chic, and continue to fully represent her personal style as she transitions into the emerging tones of a new season.

she’s worth taking cues from. and although i’ll always embrace my favorite palate noir…i’m definitely looking to steal some of the tricks up her uber-stylish sleeve.

sailor stripes with open-toed shoes…such a good transitional outfit.

all about cerulean…my favorite shade of blue (and one of my favorite colors) ever.

gingham, tie-dye, and a beautiful salmon-y bag. summa summatime!

need some good color? punky says add a yellow ribbon. i say…okay punky, you’re right.

those red shoes…in love. and seriously, who pulls off blatant red and green in the middle of summer without looking like some sort of an awkwardly-out-of-season christmas decoration?

winter-to-summer: pair your black bomber with some pink cuffed pants.

i’m all about jumpsuits. i own two short jumpsuits…one floral, one black.

so maybe i rarely wear the floral one, but at least i bought it.

it’s a wide-legged world

May 24, 2009

LOVEEEEEEE this photo. the jacket is to DIE for, and i’m a big ole sucker for wide-legged pants that drag on the ground, even with heels. my favorite pair completely cover my shoes, even in my four-inchers.

outfits like this always make me wish that i could tuck things in. unfortunately when you’re 5’3″ and were born with a box for a torso, cute little tucked-in, high-waisted gems like this are more akin to a rectangular oompa loompa than chic styling.

punky b