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alexander mcqueen fall/winter campaign

September 29, 2009

this campaign, like most things alexander mcqueen, is a complete orgiastic dream. mcqueen is such a sensational master of presentation…the cracked mirrors, the sultry stares, and the structure of those dresses and that top…are you kidding me? i am obsessed with all things voluminous, draped and overbearing, and would wear everything pictured until it died the death of something that was loved just too, too much.

i’ll be honest, though…i am in deep, deep love with the photo for the men’s collection. it’s part daniel day-lewis in “there will be blood”/part “sweeney todd,” the stage version. its an updated 19th century look that conjures images of burberry, but with an australian rural roughness that’s so sexy i can’t stand it. i love when designers put thought into conceptualizing their campaigns for men. i could care less about campaigns that display male models because they’ve fit bodies. but this, this i could look at all day long.

photos taken from: design scene



September 12, 2009

“the idea is something that’s both scary and pretty,” says ms. rowley. i just love that. especially since i love all things scary and not many things that are strictly pretty. i really like cynthia’s collection for spring…flouncy, with personality and an edge, and lots of really palpable texture (from the photographs…obviously, texture is palpable).

i just adore the structure of these two dresses…they have shape and a concept, without being unwearable. i love when my clothes flit along as i walk.

i really love the mix of patterns in this outfit…it’s very audrey hepburn gone…differently. and although the chosen hairstyle doesn’t look great on every model, she pulls it off beautifully. i like the idea of a very prim hairstyle styled alongside a more obscure wardrobe. is she naughty, or nice? always a good question to pose.

all in all, adore all the colors…perhaps because they’re all colors i would wear, but they really embrace the concept of spring while still calling to mind the darkness that is an obvious influence.