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midday inspiration

July 27, 2009

the world’s a funny place. i’ve been sitting in front of my computer for about an hour, trying to find something that would inspire a really excellent blog post. couldn’t. so then i decided to find some fashiony beach photos, as i think i’m going to take a book and some magazines to and head down to the “peace park” by the lake, at the end of the block. when finding images for that failed, i decided i’d just head over to good ole olsens anonymous, because i’m always in the mood for olsens. and, lo and behold, what did i find?

so the peace park at the end of my street isn’t greece, but i do have a diet coke right now.

so excited…miranda and i leave for colorado to see jack tomorrow! can’t can’t wait to see him, and to shake things up a bit. plus, jack says there are bears and moose outside of his house. i have a feeling the week will be inundated by photo sessions entitled “urban girl in heels meets outdoors.” today, erin asked me what i’d be bringing to wear in co, and i said that i’d just be bringing the same things i always wear. i like the idea of traipsing around a small mountain town in heels and gold and wildly printed dresses.

and now, an inspiration board:

i think lady gaga looks like a dream in this photo. i don’t care if she’s batshit insane and wearing mickey mouse-eared glasses, she’s a fabulous spectacle of an individual.