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matthew williamson

September 21, 2009

i apologize for the diminished posting, all…i launched myself into utter insanity this past week with school and adding on another freelance job, and learned the hard way (finally), that the table in front of the tv needs to stop acting as my homework work space. posts will occur with more regularity…especially as fashion week travels to europe! i’m just keeping my sights set on paris…can’twaitcan’twaitcan’twait!

the shows are pouring out of london at warp speed and when i was writing a column about spring metallics last night, i was absolutely floored by matthew williamson. it’s known that he does amazing things with color, but i’m in love with all of his gems, and sequins and brozen glory. it’s amazing…and you MUST check out the detail shots on, they’re sensational. here are some of my favorite details, followed by my favorite looks:

his take on color is really unbelievable…consistently fresh, and always exuberant without being gaudy. the details of his garments are just sick. it makes you realize how much isn’t translated in photographs.

all photos taken from



August 13, 2009 for this ad campaign…love the blackbirds and the astronaut. thanks, barney’s.

model: anja rubik

waiting for the weekend

July 22, 2009

beige and blue

June 30, 2009

i found this blog this evening, and was really taken with its most recent post. “one perfect morning” is based in australia, and posted this lovely photo shoot that she shot with here friend, ana.

her introduction to the post was what really struck me: “I have had a lot of free time lately. Even though it involves living on a tight budget, it has had its advantages: I finally got to work on things I had been willing to work on for ages, but never got around to. This blog is one thing. Styling a photo shoot with my friend ana behind the lens was another.”

as someone who’s reentering the dredges of a student budget (which i say like the state of my budget ever increased during my year between undergrad and grad school), i couldn’t relate more to the need and desire to spend your time creatively and enjoyably, inspiringly so, while trying to conserve limited funds. not to mention the complete satisfaction in having the time to blog, and blog continuously.

so when i look at what they’ve done, i’m so inspired by it. there’s so much vulnerability in having your friend behind the lens, and for them to style ana so intimately, braless, pale make-up, photographed from all different angles, while remaining very direct and close up. there’s a lot of trust between the two women, and it shows. the amazing “girl with a pearl earring” styling inspiration (whether intended or not)is stunning as well.

i really love creating with my friends. and although many impromptu photo shoots have commenced, there’s an intoxicating sense of elegance and honesty, while remaining completely unassuming, achieved by the blogger and ana in “beige and blue.”

summer soundtrack: rolling stones

June 16, 2009

thanks to kate, i’ve fallen deeply in love with the rolling stones. i think every summer needs a soundtrack, and this year, they’re definitely mine. listening to them makes me feel so sexy, their deep, throaty voices, screaming melodies…they’re the definitive epitome of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll. so freaking sexy.

this editorial is totally evocative…stark, brazen, mocking, witty — just like the stones. it’s delightfully fitting that it’s named after one of my favorite rolling stones songs (remixes of which kate and i used to listen to on repeat for hours). at the very least, you all know i love to paint it black.

a piece of paper beside the bed

and now, for some tunes:

that is, without a doubt, the sexiest song ever.

go chicago!

May 12, 2009

so, i’ll be honest…amazing street fash isn’t as readily available in chicago as it may be in say, new york, or paris. but i was searching through the chicago portion of, and was really pleased with some of the amazing photos i found. so i thought i’d display a little chi-town pride ;).

a surprising lack of good shoes, though. for some reason, amazing footwear just isn’t seen as much on the streets in chicago. of course, the majority of these photos were taken in the uber-boho/hipster wicker park neighborhood, where flats and skinnies are a style staple.

you’ll never have to convince me about the power of a good heel.

la mode casual

April 20, 2009

i’m craving fully accessorized, yet highly casual, but ultimately effortless style. and i’m voraciously absorbing all images that evoke such a sensibility. easy chic is so sexy and so confident…makes me want to live in layers and tunics and gladiators and orange nail polish.

like all these ladies. fabulous women, all of them!

best of the best: delectable fashion bloggers in a style-yourself shoot for Quiksilver. I LOVE the bells that krystal is wearing. i’ve always had a deep, unrelenting love for bells and platforms. or, fine…maybe the ’70s in general.


stylish wanderer


karla’s closet

jak and jil


garance dore

childhood flames


closing shot: sonia rykiel, photographed by andy warhol.

so. insanely. beautiful.

oh, to be a harem

March 22, 2009

I am jonesing hardcore for harem pants.

How sexy are these satin navy pants from the pre-fall 09 Chloe collection?

I personally love really jacked up versions with massive side pleating and draping, and a strong contrast between the hip of the pant and the leg. Like this pair from Tibi…

I also tend to love things oversized. Which is why any comment like, “that does nothing for your body” means nothing to me. I’m not a big body con fan. No Herve Leger bandage dresses for me, thanks. So basically, I find the harem pant pretty perfect, and delectable when paired with your favorite men’s v-neck tees and some serious accessories. And heels. Big, sexy, overindulgent heels.

One of my favorite Etsy boutiques, Babooshka Boutique, has some ridiculously amazing harem pants on sale. I’ve got my eye on these babies:

There are also these leather ones, if you really want to show people what’s up:

And here are some shorter ones, Zero + Maria Cornejo on La Garconne

I got these Loeffler Randall ones from, and I live for them (check out this site…it’s AHmazing, and its run by two of the most fabulous women I know. I’ll be featuring them soon, worry not). They’re so good, and so flattering…it’s unreal.

SO sexy. I really, really do love them.

Things I’m coveting ASAP: the perfect harem, Rachel Zoe-esque cocktail rings, fur. Lots of faux fur. The perfectly slouchy black blazer, and a resurgence of red lips in my life. I’m craving a bit of old school glamour, in addition to trends highlighting elements of disproportion. Some days I’m really moved towards classic vintage, straight up old school style, other days I want too too too much fashion. It all comes from the same place, really. It’s about an allure, a good energy.

PS: saw Twilight tonight and LOVED it. I am such a sucker for deep romance. And who doesn’t find vampires and their blood-sucking ways ridiculously sexy? Go rent Twilight and then shop on Etsy while enjoying some good vino. It will be a night of sexy, soul-hugging magic…I promise.

…and it begins

March 20, 2009

So I’ve been wanting to start blogging for a while. I could say not for any particular reason, but there are plenty of particular reasons. I have an all-consuming, bordering on the insane, die-hard love for fashion, I’m a writer, and I’m always seeking inspiration. And when it comes to how that all reveals itself here, I won’t claim any consistency or unadulterated genius. But I can promise no lack of passion, and an endless desire to share share share.

So please…comment, share, explore, show me your favorite things, too. Let’s get our fashion on, and share some loves.

PS: I am so digging Pandora Radio right now. As someone who lost her lifelong music collection with the death of her last iPod, it’s one of the most brilliant things ever. An endless soundtrack to your life based on whatever you’re in the mood for? Um, yes, please. Currently (and when I say currently, I mean, probably for the past three weeks) listening to: Rolling Stones. Which, because Pandora is BRILLIANT, means I also get the likes of The Who, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, etc. A veritable who’s who in making you feel as badass as possible. Check it out, peanuts. It’s good stuff.