bloomies and the zoester

September 18, 2009

balk all you want, but i live for the zoe report. not only do i just love her personal style, causing me to love most things she features, but each of her reports have this amazing “alternate universe” section, where she’s features a cheaper like-minded version of whatever high fashion gloriousness she’s exalting. and what i really love, is that the alternate items she features are actually affordable. i’ve been thinking about how i need to go buy another crop of tights, as i live in tights from fall to spring, and kate and i have been on a voracious search for two-toned chanel knocks for quite a while. and, i mean, when you’re knocking chanel, not just any old thing will do. so, rachel zoe, reading my mind as always, sends out a zoe report today about these sensational gaultier two-toned fishnets…for $135. and then, because she’s a blessed, blessed being, she conjured her alternate universe from my immediate universe and featured a pair of these babies:

TWO-TONED TRINA TURK FOR HUE TIGHTS. i mean, you just get right on out of here. yes yes yes, the front panel is not the fleshy opaque of the chanel version, but it’s also not the glaring white of all the terrible knock-offs. i immediately texted kate, she immediately implored that i pick her up some too, and there you go. i’m so happy.


the boys

September 18, 2009

i have many fantasy worlds. some of them are slightly less involved than others. like wishing that my post-work trip to bloomingdale’s wasn’t just to pick up tights for kate and i, but to meet my personal stylist, who was going to outfit me in millions of dollars worth of clothes without me having to try any of them on and all the while, i’m lounging (fabulously) on a chaise lounge, drinking from a bottomless flute of pink champagne.

and then there’s the fantasy in which lazaro hernandez and jack mccollough call me up, tell me they’ve designed a special collection just for me, and, oh yeah, they’d like to propose a three-way marriage, because they’re both so in love with me that all they can fathom is spending the rest of their days doting on me and dressing me in their pretties.

i’m pretty sure that champagne-laden bloomies trip will stay in my fantasy world. but, as i look through proenza schouler ss10, i can dream it was all designed for me…

all those colors! the feathers, the SHOES…the completely successful 80s throwback — one that weaves together equal parts chic and punk to create a look with so much freaking personality, i just love it. the collection includes fabulously tailored takes on the white shirt and the blazer for business, sequins for going out (ooohhhh, how i’d love to get my hand on that blue sequin dream), brightly colored, short-skirted day wear, and, overall, an amazing breadth of unique shapes. they’re so playful, and so smart…they work together magnificently.

plus, dear god, look at those cute mother fuckers…they’re perfection. thanks for the mid-day eye candy, my sweets.

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200th Post!

September 15, 2009

i’m so excited to share that sassafras has reached its 200th post! i’m also quite excited because i started my “wired writing” class at saic today and i’m looking forward to all of the html and blogging tips i’m going to learned. i was quite thrilled with myself for knowing the basics that were taught today, as i’m not nearly as web-savvy as i’d like to be, but i’m thrilled with all of things i’ll be able to impart into sassafras.

sooooooooo many amazing shows to peruse, although i’d by lying if i said that’s what i’m doing right now. instead i’m winding down from a long day in class with season one of true blood (oh, how the obsession reigns) and the world’s largest salad. it’s good times monday, folks.

allllso, new chicago flame article up, “bookin’ it,” would love for you all to check it out. it’s not the high fashion analysis that i love, as its for a college paper, but it’s always nice to get more writing out in the world.

here’s some fashion week videos for you…enjoy!

alexander wang

diane von furstenburg (who did NOT get good reviews, by the way)

jason wu

reem acra

September 14, 2009

i am seriously obsessed with reem acra’s collection this season. the gilded goddess gowns are have me absolutely beside myself and the flowly silky prints are pieces you could feel good in forever. i am in love love love and want to to own everything that was shown.

that necklace is just out of control, and the draping on the jumpsuit is divine. i’m also seriously loving the brightly colored shoes she paired with everything.

put those sleeves on every dress i own, please.

i mean, i could say a billion things about everything here, but i think the photos stand for themselves. i’d love to be married in that last gown…perhaps with some sort of a slip, but still. it’s perfect.

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September 14, 2009

once i read the autiobiography of someone i like, i develop a slight obsession. it’s what spurred my ysl craze, and although nothing has ever quite generated an emotional attachment on that same level, naturally, i do fall a bit more in love with artists and designers i’ve read more about. i just finished “diane: a signature life,” dvf’s autobiography, a few weeks ago, and i just freaking adore that woman. she is one of the most brilliant, classy, epic minds and individuals there is, and just as ysl was the guru of the late 60s-90s, dvf is one of the absolute hallmarks of this generation. it’s why i get so excited to see what she’s going to put out there each season. she’s been doing it for so long, i just love to watch a person’s mind evolve and develop, constantly creating anew and always infusing different perspectives into their work.

her collection this season is no exception. in the days of marc jacobs, the graffiti collection, and more witty approaches to fashion, dvf is right there with everyone else…creating new takes on her classic flowly dresses, with clever styling in armloads of neon bangles and feathered headpieces. the brilliant thing about her collection is that accomplishes what she’s always been successful at: dressing every woman. whereas the 20-set would keep her dresses styled exactly how they appear on the runway, older women may keep the dress, but subtract the bangles and add a cardigan. some pretty magnificent stuff. look ahead for my favorite looks.

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It’s the Box Social Dahling: Boy by Band of Outsiders S/S ’10

September 14, 2009

I think it was my friend Tripp that first labeled my personal style Hampton chic, often clad in a pinstriped oxford, brown Sperry Topsiders, and 3/4 length blazer, I like to think I walk on the edgier side of preppy. Boy by Band of Outsiders Spring 2010 line is perfectly Hampton chic. I would wear almost every piece in this collection, from the blousey seer sucker tops to the double breasted jackets and cropped pants (they even have the season’s token jumpsuit in there).

So far, in terms of wearability and sheer chic-ness, Boy by Band of Outsiders is by and far one of my favorite lines for Spring 2010.
This Thai fisherman/harem pant is beachy and sexy paired with an off the shoulder tee.
LOVE the bandage skirt with this seer sucker blouse.

Single button tux with a casual loafer and cap, sure, Chuck Bass.

Gots to have my jumpsuit. Also, I’m digging Sternberg’s take on the gladiator sandal.

This guys looks fabulous in a sunset inspired shirt and black jacket. It is half hippy half hipster.

My uniform for life.

Again, the hippy meets prepster cool aesthetic I dig so much about this line. I want this dress for a beach cover up.

The suspendered, cuffed, cropped pants and jacket have an A-mazing boyfriend fit. A slouchy look I’m always trying to acheive.

Too good for words!

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Preen S/S ’10

September 12, 2009

For the past few seasons Preen has been a consistent favorite of mine. There is something about this British design duo’s constant push to do something different, the properly fresh clothes they put down the catwalk that make me swoon. Preen’s S/S 2010 collection was a breath of fresh air for me on day 2 of NY Fashion Week. Unlike many other designers “black” heavy collections, they started their show with light as air grey and neon yellow dresses, to be followed with metallic silver pants and fiercely shouldered blouses and suits (yes, shoulder pads are back, we may as well just embrace it). Moving through a black to then a gold, and finally pink color scheme, lace, cords, and more metallics were used to tie this stunningly forward collection together.

And did I mention the stunning addition of shoes to Preen’s oeuvre? I’m dying for the mustard colored corded ankle strap heels.

I love the straps on this edgy LBD.

I would like to wear this ensemble to work everyday, chic with a capital “C.”

Black lace abounded per the boudoir trend of Fall ’09 carrying into Spring.

JUMPSUIT! Love this pretty pink with the bow detail at the ankle.

I could’ve posted the entire show, as I died for it. Check it at


fashion’s night out

September 12, 2009

BRUCE!!! honest to god…a top 5 reason why i would have loved to be there.

JILL ZARIN! oh my god. this picture just made me happier than that of the olsen’s bartending at bergdorf’s.

thanks to the cut for these truly sensational images. i would literally kill to have amy and jessica’s job.

Prabal Gurung S/S ’10

September 12, 2009

In his second collection at New York Fashion Week, much buzz has already been generated around rookie designer Prabal Gurung. And the delivery was only sort of there. While there were pieces that I truly loved, the beginning of the collection started out weakly. But once the electric blue, one-shouldered cocktail dress made its appearance, things were uphill from there. From tailored menswear inspired tuxedos to drapey gowns, Gurung’s green is slowly fading away. This collection shows him mastering classics and I will surely be looking for more creativity in seasons to come.

Love the collar on this bad boy, plus black and blue, so YSL!

Hand painted cocktail dress? Yes Please!

The bowtie lapel on this is ingenius. I’m seeing Diane Keaton at the Oscars.

Though the cut of this dress is nothing special, the feather skirt is to die for!


September 12, 2009

“the idea is something that’s both scary and pretty,” says ms. rowley. i just love that. especially since i love all things scary and not many things that are strictly pretty. i really like cynthia’s collection for spring…flouncy, with personality and an edge, and lots of really palpable texture (from the photographs…obviously, texture is palpable).

i just adore the structure of these two dresses…they have shape and a concept, without being unwearable. i love when my clothes flit along as i walk.

i really love the mix of patterns in this outfit…it’s very audrey hepburn gone…differently. and although the chosen hairstyle doesn’t look great on every model, she pulls it off beautifully. i like the idea of a very prim hairstyle styled alongside a more obscure wardrobe. is she naughty, or nice? always a good question to pose.

all in all, adore all the colors…perhaps because they’re all colors i would wear, but they really embrace the concept of spring while still calling to mind the darkness that is an obvious influence.