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wedge me

August 30, 2009

oh, the wooden wedge…i just can’t even get enough of these finsk wooden dreams. the incredible texture and color combinations, and the ingenuity in the construction of each heel…these shoes are showstoppers. check out more finsk perfection at oak.

vainandvapid — new site shown to me by old friends…the images are great, the fashion fabulous.


stomping into a new month

June 1, 2009

i’ve been posting a lot of editorials and street style lately, so i thought it was time to do a good shoe post. as a chicagoan, the shoes i wear are highly dependent on our incredibly schizophrenic meteorology. our winters are epic, and can be highly damaging to important footwear, which means that important footwear must stay closeted during the incessantly treacherous weather.

but, now it’s summer. the closets have opened. and the good shoes will reign.

bleach black diy studded heels

bleach black diy studded havianas

punky b

nova style



louboutin for rodarte

nicholas kirkwood for rodarte

yes, an editorial photo…but how perfect are these boots? i would live in them winter, spring, summer, fall. i’m particularly taken with their slouchy nature, and, of course, the studs. i love a really wide, slouchy, just-under-the-knee boot. they’re so comfy, yet so sexy, and they always slim up the legs. not a bad thing. not a bad thing at all.

wildfox couture

just stomp around

April 16, 2009

I’ve been an errand-running machine recently. My head constantly filtering through the one billion things I need to get done during every spare moment of my day. And although I always throw a pair of flip flops or flats in my bag for days like this, I actually want to be stomping around in the likes of these:

Looking at pairs of thickly heeled, “i’m going to fuck you up” shoes always centers me.

*all photos taken from jak and jil, fashion toast, sea of shoes

treasures, treasures, treasures

March 20, 2009

Who doesn’t love new and wonderful treasures? The recession has caused me to develop a guilt complex about purchasing new things, but luckily, that’s where Forever 21 comes in. My best friend Barb and I were there last night looking around for some fun, kitschy items, and when we saw these gems, we knew they were meant to be.

As soon as I saw these shoes, I knew they had to be mine…peeptoe, stacked platform, a good solid heel, and oh-so-much fringe. Mmm. I was equally delighted to see Rumi wearing them on fashiontoast this morning. She has a pretty insane sense of style (and a wonderful boyfriend photographer). Check her out:

While we were shopping, I had mentioned to Barb that I wanted a little retro-inspired box purse. Here’s where you should know that I am a big bag lady. In a terrible, inappropriate way that causes back pain and many knots in my shoulders. But I can’t help it…I like to have everything with me all the time! You’ll never know when you’ll need your purse wine opener, Vogue, red lipstick, or old movie stubs, so you may as well just always have them. In any event, if I’m going to venture away from my suitcase-sized purses, I want it to be kind of sassy and different, like a fabulous bangle. And then we found THIS cute little thing:

I love the gold, and I love the chain option, although I’ll probably opt to go without it. Plus, it matches that massive gold cocktail ring (I love bling), and it has the most adorable little latch:

It’s like a little crown!

And here’s the ring:

They don’t call it retail therapy for nothing.