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ysl manifesto

September 8, 2009

first of all, i’d like to thank my lovely roommate erin, who has done the previous two posts as a guest blogger. because she’s not outing herself…i’ve gone and done it for her. she’s brilliant, and i’m so thrilled that you’ve enjoyed her brilliantly inspired musings!

as you all know, i’m insanely, over-the-moon-obsessed with ysl. twice yearly ysl releases 500,000 copies of their manifesto, and this year they’ve added seoul to the list of fabulous cities they visit pre-fashion weeks every year: paris, new york, hong kong, tokyo and milan (oh whyyyyyy isn’t chicago on that list? i mean, i know. but a girl can still dream). the first 2,000 passersby receive a tote with christy turlington’s campaign photo on it (ahhhhhhhhhhhh, i diiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee! whhhyyyyyyy can’t stefano pilati know how much i love him and his predecessor and everything about the fashion house itself and just SEND me a tote?!).

thank god for technology, though. because they’ve finally launched the manifesto online, and the entire collection will be available for download on the day of the launch (september 12th!).

please go to the website and look at their insane countdown…plus archives, and free screensavers and wallpaper (all of which has now been applied to my computer, worry not).

it’s interesting that this cropped up this evening, because as erin and i were driving home, we got into a huge discussion about our favorite designers…both of all time, and of the moment. it was a lovely that conversation that lasted for the duration of our drive, and led to us making no productive conclusions, other than my love for ysl (which i’ll have to defend forever, as inked left wrists cannot tell a lie), and that we’re obsessed with pretty much everything in one way or another.

and yours, my love? which designer would you continue to thrust upon your blog’s perfect and wonderful readership over and over, endlessly and forever?

muchos besos, amors! sorry for the lack of posts — i full-time start grad school (and a new job!) this week and am trying to get back into the flow of being a student again. i’m beyond thrilled, but i really need to buckle down, clean off my desk, stop writing from the couch with glass of wine in hand (although erin constantly and lovingly reminds me that red wine was ernest hemingway’s writing tool of choice) and start busting my ass. it will be!



August 28, 2009

the video for the new ysl fragrance “parisienne” has been released. starring kate moss, it’s all sorts of wonderful. what better duo could ever exist?

exciting news! i’ve just recently found out that i’ll be the new ‘Pret Reporteur’ for the fabulous fashion magazine and blog Second City Style. not only that, but i’ll be blogging for them as well! i’m thrilled about this opportunity, and will definitely be keeping you all updated on what i’m writing about.

off to make a weeks-long overdue target run…bisous, amores!

omg can’t wait

July 3, 2009

i saw this this morning and am so freaking excited i cannot hardly stand it. ysl (and pierre) had one of the largest privately-owned collections of art to date, much of which was recently auctioned off earlier this year. yves’ attention to and deep love for art, next to his love of literatre (proust, especially) was one of his greatest influences. an influence deeply reflected in his collections, visual aesthetic, and in the way he decorated the many abodes he kept throughout his lifetime. this book will be unbelievable, and i’m counting down the moments until it will be beautifully displayed on my coffee table.

“Those with the most discerning of tastes, will undoubtedly find this tome to be one of the most remarkable documents ever published on Yves Saint Laurent’s private realm.

Pierre Bergé was Yves St Laurent’s lifelong business partner, friend and former lover who collaborated on this lavish volume, which provides a glimpse of the exotic and breathtaking interiors of the worldwide homes they shared and what they collected.

Yves Saint Laurent was more than a designer of clothing – he was, for many, one of the great style arbiters of the twentieth century. His talent made him the youngest and brightest star in the firmament of fashion, first with Christian Dior, who chose him as his successor, and later in his own right as the shy but daring creator of the modern woman’s wardrobe.

His private life was the subject of constant public fascination, and the homes that he shared with Bergé were extraordinary private cocoons of taste and style. Ivan Terestchenko’s photographs – taken after Yves Saint Laurent’s death in 2008 – capture these exquisite surroundings and cultured luxury for the last time.

Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé amassed an exceptional collection of furniture and paintings over some forty years. It included important works by Picasso, Matisse and Mondrian, Old Master paintings by Goya, Ingres and Géricault, and masterpieces of furniture, sculpture and silver from the Renaissance to Art Deco.

Not a single piece from the collection was sold until the year following Saint Laurent’s death. A historic sale by auction at the Grand Palais in Paris became the stuff of legend months before it even took place.

Beyond the legendary rue Babylone apartment in Paris, the book also chronicles those seven other homes of St Laurent and Berge including the lush Villa Majorelle in Marrakech. Even the most dedicated minimalist will have to bow in respect to the unerring erudition of taste displayed in this seductive parade of nineteenth-century French décor, important paintings by modern and Romantic artists, and masterpieces of furniture, sculpture, and silver ranging from the Renaissance to the Art Deco era. A worthy addition to any aesthete’s library.” – Thames and Hudson

my type of resort

June 25, 2009

at our dinner date, brandon and i were talking about how, as bloggers, we don’t have much interest in posting tons and tons of resort collections. is available to everyone; you don’t need to see each collection re-posted here.

UNLESS, of course, we’re discussing the love of my life, ysl (or, in this case, his protege, the lovely stefano pilati). fall, i wasn’t that in love with…it was super black, super basic, and didn’t do much to pull me out of the recession blues. but with resort, ysl has done goooooooood. i mean, beyond good…the whole collection oozes unbelievable charm, character, and impeccable style. i absolutely love all of his layering…the footless tights under the slouchy/harem-y pants, the structured blazers, the artful and intelligent experimentation with proportions…it’s ridiculous. amazing and perfect and the stuff dreams are made of.

when it comes to my own personal style, i am someone who completely adores edgy, high fashion to no end. but, although i generally fall in love with one trend per season (09-10: the harem), my style tends more towards classicism, infused with a youthful edge. i’m always so drawn to ysl, not just because i’m obsessed with everything yves saint laurent was as an individual, but because i feel like that’s continually what this parisian institution accomplishes in its collections. when it comes to pieces like blazers and pants, ysl has always effortlessly iconocized the basics, while kicking them up a notch by skewing the proportions, adding an insane shoe, ornamenting the face noir style.

ysl wanted women to feel beautiful. that was the thrust of his desire to design clothing, and i believe that he achieved it honestly, articulately, and sensationally with everything he created. when i see the photos of this collection i get so excited, because it’s inundated with looks i want to create for myself. i feel terribly sexy just looking at it all. what he did, what stefano does now…this is precisely what excites me about fashion, making me want to give my life and passionate soul to this art form with everything i do. dramatic? whatever. it’s ysl. he’s a goddamn freaking genius.

and also, you’ll forgive the severe amount of photos, i’m sure. look on and love, pretties.

*all amazing, stunning, superbly perfect photos taken from

unexpected treasures make the world go round

March 26, 2009

I received my blazer in the mail today from Roo Vintage, and I am in LOVE. It is perfectly tailored to my body, and I’m pretty sure that I won’t take it off ever again. I love love love love love it.

BUT. Not only did the lovely Lisa from Roo Vintage send me the blazer, but she included this little treasure, as well:

A BEAUTIFUL silk YSL mini scarf/handkerchief! When I unveiled this unexpected gift, I just about died. She knew of my severe YSL obsession and sweetly, thoughtfully included this with my blazer.

The whole thing completely made my day…I encourage you ALL to shop away at Roo Vintage. It’s run by wonderful, stylish women who treat their customers like gold.

And now I’m off with Brandon to our friend Jill’s art show. So excited! Check her stuff out on Etsy…she’s a wonderful artist who does some delightfully kitschy pieces.